Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I Still Here??

I've realized that maybe having a blog wasn't such a great idea. For one, besides family activities I don't think I do a lot of interesting things. Secondly, even though I do a lot of sutff I never take the time afterwards to write about them. Then time goes by and it's not as easy to write about them. So, now that the excuses (or as I like to call them, explanations) are out of the way what more is there to update you about.
I was finally released from all of my major church callings in both the stake and the ward after almost 3 long years of at least one meeting every Sunday, and some on other nights. Now the only calling I have is Institute Coordinator for the ward and that is just fine with me. I was in the Relief Society Presidency through three presidents, two of which were released when they got married. I'm not in charge of any activities any more, which makes me enjoy them a little more without the added stress of being in charge.
Workwise everything is starting to slow down, either that or we seem to have a better handle on things. The middle of last year we were told that we would be receiving a whole new computer system someime in November; however, it didn't end up happening until January. We were also told that we would be complying with the Federal Real ID act. This means that every person in the whole state will have to bring in all of their identifying documents to have them scanned into our computer database when they come to renew. This will be taking place over the next five years. Needless to say the combination of these two changes has created a complete overhaul of our work system and flow. We were finally doing okay, which means that we are almost back to regular wait times, in our office at least. Plus, customers were starting to bring in their documents the first time they come to the office, leading to less people yelling at us. But everything changed this past week, which is to be expected when all three school disctricts in this valley are on Spring Break. It made the entire 4 days crazy; the teenagers were lined up halfway across the parking lot before we opened the doors, and they didn't stop coming until we closed the doors at night. So let's just say that we are so glad that this week is over and we can go back to the semi-normal days we are used to.
So that is basically the updates that I have for now. There was a lot more that happened over the last year and I promise to try to share it all at some other time, but that's all for now.

P.S. Don't worry, I won't be upset if nobody reads this. I don't know if I'd still keep reading if someone hadn't updated in almost a year.