Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Year & All Its Changes

I know I said that I was planning to update my blog at least once a month so here's that much anticipated update. CHRISTMAS came and went. I got to stay up and "wait for Santa" with Dad. "Santa" actually got me some presents that I didn't know I was getting and that's always appreciated since I'm usually Santa's number one elf.

After Christmas came New Year's which Dad, Marie & I spent with Aunt Dawn's family at a Family party just like we do every year. But we drove all the way to Ogden for the party and back that same night so I felt like I spent more time in the car then I did actually partying.
Now it's January which means a new year with new resolutions to not keep up on. I resolved to post more on this blog and to get some pics to add to it. I was so excited because Stacy gave me her old digital camera when she got a new one so I could start adding pictures. But unfortunately the one thing that the camera doesn't have is a cord to connect it to the computer so that I can upload the photos and share them with everyone. So now I have to be the stupid "technology-challenged" girl that I am and go to electronic stores and see if anyone has a cord that I can buy to connect my camera with the computer. Wish me luck on finding a cord so I can post more interesting blogs hopefully in the near future.
I made another resolution that I am trying to keep up on. Some of you may know, but for those of you who don't, we had a flood in our basement a little over a year ago. So now that the remodeling, painting, recarpeting and moving back into rooms is complete I have to rearrange my room to my satisfaction. The problem is that I am a huge bookworm meaning that I have more books then I can fit onto one 5-shelf bookcase. I've already gotten rid of a bunch of books; ones I've never read as well as any that I'll never read again. But I still have a ton of books from Baby-Sitter Club, to Nancy Drew, some classics, mysteries like Mary Higgins Clark, to romances, and any and all books that I can find from my two favorite authors, Julie Garwood & Diana Gabaldon. Besides the books I have a ton of CDs and a bunch of movies, both VHS and DVD, to find places for. All of these things are in addition to the normal things that people keep in their bedrooms. Let me just say in my defense that it is extremely hard to fit 4+yrs of an apartment and everything else into one very small room.
So beyond the holidays being over and trying to keep my two biggest resolutions for this year I did see a couple of movies, one only ok and the other excellent. I saw Yes Man with Jim Carrey and Bride Wars with Ann Hathaway and Kate Hudson. I thought Yes Man was funny but it had some parts that I thought were completely unnecessary. But I absolutely loved Bride Wars for a couple of different reasons. First, I love Ann Hathaway in any role that she's in. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses and I love pretty much everything that I've seen her in. Second, I thought the movie was hilarious and the chemistry between Ann and Kate was amazing. I could really see them as best friends that would be obsessed with creating the "perfect wedding" that it would almost cost them their friendship. I hate to give movie critiques because I like to judge a movie for myself but I'll just say this; My friend Amy and I took her daughters to see it and even thought it was a romantic-comedy, not a kiddie movie, they still enjoyed it.
I hope you enjoyed the Blog Update. I know you're all excited for next month's blog so stay tuned...