Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Countdown has Begun!!!

For those of you who haven't been reading my sister Stacy's blog let me tell you that our family has a very important event taking place this Friday, August 29th. Stacy is getting married to her wonderful fiance, Dustin, in the Manti Temple and we couldn't be happier for them. But with the good times of a wedding also come all the stress of a wedding, hence the reason for this blog. Dustin proposed on the 4th of July, which was Dad's birthday, and our lives have been in "wedding-prep mode" ever since that moment. Seriously, showers were being planned before he had even given her the ring. Since we don't really have a mom around to help us with the big moments in our lives we have to help each other out. Naturally since I have a degree in hospitality and event planning, not to mention I've been a bridesmaid for more then my share of weddings, she asked me to help her and be her designated "wedding planner". I love my sister and so of course I said yes, but I forgot how much work it is to plan a wedding. We have done so many hours of Planning, Dress shopping and fittings (for both bride and bridesmaids), Food shopping and prep, Shower planning and hosting, Picture-taking, Invitation making and addressing and sending, Cooridinating, Flower picking, Picture editing, Decoration choosing, Centerpiece making and other things that I think we'll all need a vacation when this week is over. Unfortunately for all of us, only Dustin and Stacy get to go on a Honeymoon, and the rest of just have to go back to work. And just when I start to think that we have a handle on everything and we getting things finished Stacy tells me that she wants to add something else or change a color of ribbon, or someone tells us that Chocolate fountains are a pain to do. So i have finally come to the conclusion that we (as an entire family) will try our best to make Stacy & Dustin's wedding perfect; and if we get to the day and something has been forgotten, or overlooked, or the groomsmen's ties don't match the color of ribbon on the bridesmaid dresses that everything will be ok. The world will not stop spinning if someone isn't sitting at the book the entire time; the only thing that truly matters is that Stacy & Dustin love each other and that have chosen to spend eternity with each other and we are excited to welcome Dustin into our Crazy, Fun and Loving Peterson Family. So, Congratulations to Stacy & Dustin and we can't wait for Friday.