Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Can Be Done!!!

I just want to write quick note to all my friends that don't want to read a novel every time that they read my blog. I know that I tend to write more then most when i actually do post a blog, but the problem is that I tend to overdo it when I'm writing. My friends in college used to love to have me edit their papers so I could help them lengthen them. So I'm sorry if my blogs are always extra long but that's just the way I am. I will try to make some of them shorter but I hope you'll forgive me if my "once a month" blogs are a little long. If I can ever get around to writing more then once in a blue moon then I promise I'll make them shorter. Thanks for being so understanding about my "Blog Length."

Aren't you impressed that it's less then a whole page long?


kaylasue said...

Brava!! Congratulations! Very impressed. Way to go! It really makes it easier to blog more often even if it's just a short little note...especially because the longer you wait, the more you have to me, it is so much easier to blog more often and keep it short and sweet than to write a novel every 2 months!! Silly girl!!

Brian, Sheena and Boys said...

Hey it was good to hear from you! Sorry I haven't e-mailed back, thanks for you sweet comments on my cake. Maybe I should take some lessons from you, butter cream scares me and I actually feel more comfortable with fondant. Weird huh? I don't know how to make is so smooth! I hope you are doing well, you're such a beautiful person, I miss you!

Kelly said...

Shelly! So nice to stumble upon you in the world of blogging. I also have a blog if you want to stop on by. Leave me a comment. I would love to be more supportive to you Peterson kids. I have fond memories of trying to be your favorite aunt. Merry Christmas!!

Aunt Kelly